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Wesley Linton

Winston Salem , North Carolina

Rotator Cuff Repair by Dr. Leticia Bradford

Because of my orthopaedic care, I can perform my duties as a firefighter.  

Dr. Bradford never made me promises of being 100% after surgery. And, I am 100%. This is because she reads and studies to find the best route to take with her patients. She read about a new technique that is now widely used in Orthopaedics. Now, I have strength to do 50 pushups nonstop without pain. Since my surgery I have rescued a victim from a creek and lifted numerous patients during my shifts as a firefighter. I have fought house fires, lifting and handling hoses. All of this is because of Dr. Bradford. I am forever grateful to her. We do pushups for fitness and motivation after each call of the shift. I do them without effort. Something that was very painful to do before. She is the best surgeon I have ever met!

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