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John, Tommy (2)

Thomas John, Jr.

McAffee, New Jersey

Tommy John Surgery by Frank Jobe, MD

Because of my orthopaedic care, I can look back on my 26 year pitching career in MLB and have immense pride.

In 1974 the injury I sustained had long been considered career ending, hence the name “dead arm syndrome.” I looked to our team doc, Dr. Jobe, for an answer. All I ever knew was baseball, and all I ever wanted to be was a pitcher. Dr Jobe gathered a team of his colleagues to discuss how best to implement his idea for a new procedure. He presented this idea to me, and I felt what have I got to lose? I told him “Let’s do it”, and with those words the first Tommy John surgery ensued. A year and a day later I was back in the game and the rest as they say is history. At the end of my 26 year career as a pitcher I had compiled more wins after the surgery. With Dr Jobe’s vision and my “tenacity” we set the standard that pitchers today still follow.