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Puno, M

Michaela "Pinky" Puno

Great Falls , Virginia

total left hip replacement, partial right knee replacement by Dr. Thomas Fleeter

Because of my orthopaedic care, I can continue to do what I love most – ballroom dance and join competition events.

Because of the rigors and demands of ballroom dancing, I have suffered many injuries. I have had the following surgeries in the past 10 years: 2 torn meniscus arthroscopies, torn shoulder rotator cuff surgery, right knee replacement, and a total left hip replacement. My orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Thomas Fleeter, said I should be his poster child for the quickest recovery for such major surgeries. It was my eagerness to get back on the competition dance floor that gave me the incentive to work hard during my physical therapy.

I am a proud 64 year old Mother of 7, Grandmother to 13 … but do not look my age. I have remained a size 2 because of my dancing. I practice at least 2 hours every day and am always looking for ways to improve my technique – be it getting additional coaching or just putting in more hours of practice. Dance is my passion.

If it were not for the orthopaedic surgeries and care I received, I would have had to stop dancing. I was in total pain. Dr. Fleeter and the physical therapists (Jessie and Seth) helped me get the motion back in my hips and my knees and dance pain-free. We all had a goal … that is, to keep me dancing until I am 90!

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