Public Service Campaign


The Academy’s 2013 Public Service Multimedia Campaign centers around A Nation in Motion®. It includes a television and radio spot called “Body Double,” and five print ads entitled “What Would You Do.” The print ads feature five patients from A Nation in Motion who fought back to regain their mobility after an orthopaedic injury.

Television Ad: “Body Double”

This 60-second spot showcases the different ways that our bone and joints could slow us down at any stage of life, whether while working, playing or just moving. The good news is that a lot of people with pain can fight back and regain their lives because of their orthopaedic care.

If your body is holding you back, it’s time to fight for your mobility. Find your own inspiration with the hundreds of patient success stories throughout this site.


Radio Ad: “Body Double”

This 60-second radio spot reminds us that our bones and joints can say “no” at any age, keeping us from doing the things you always used to do. Yet, a lot of people in pain decide to fight for their mobility, and regain their lives. Read their stories on this site and find your own inspiration.

Print Ads: “What Would You Do?”

What would you do if a runaway car smashed your plans to walk down the aisle?

What would you do if a shattered arm crushed your swimming dreams?

What would you do if your go-cart racing days came to a hard stop?

What would you do if a serious sports injury almost took your leg?

What would you do if you were a mountain guide who couldn’t get out of a chair?


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